Further Important Boating Regulations

There are more than a few regulations that Florida Boaters are expected to follow when they’re on the water.


Violation of these regulations can be considered a non-criminal infraction or a misdemeanor in Florida. Repeated violation of these regulations can cause a boater to have their boating privileges suspended until they attend a state approved boater education course.

A person can also face a misdemeanor charge called reckless boating for violating these regulations. Such a misdemeanor charge can lead to fines and jail time.

Speed Regulations

A boat operating in an area where speed limits are posted must obey those speed limits. If a sign says idle speed that means the boat must be moving at the slowest speed it can safely maneuver at. A boat operating in a zone marked slow down or minimum wake must not be moving so fast that goes off the water. The boater must stay on the water or the plane in such boats.

Water Ski Regulations

All water skiers and wake boarders in Florida have to wear a US Coast Guard approved life preserver. Any device towed by a boat must meet US Guard regulations. It is illegal to use inflated objects such as inner tubes for aquaplaning behind boats.

Any boat towing a water skier or wake boarder must have a rear view mirror so the boat driver can see the person being towed. If the boat doesn’t have a rear view mirror there must be an observer on the boat to watch what the person behind it is doing.

Water skiing and wake boarding under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in Florida. It’s also illegal to water ski or wakeboard too close to another boat or a fixed object in the water such as a pier.

It is illegal to water ski or wakeboard in the hours from one half hour past sunset to one half hour before sunrise in Florida.

Mooring Regulations

It is illegal to moor a boat next to a navigation marker in Florida. The only exception to this rule is an emergency situation.

Divers’ Down Flag

When people are scuba diving off of a boat a diver’s down flag must be displayed. The flag must be at least 20 inches by 24 inches inside and it must be flying from the highest point on the boat so it is visible. This flag must be taken down when divers are out of the water.

Boats must try to stay at least 300 feet away from a vessel displaying a divers’ down flag at sea so divers won’t be hurt by the boat. Divers must try to stay within 300 feet of the vessel displaying the flag for safety at sea. Boast must try to stay at least 100 feet from a boat displaying a divers’ down flag in rivers, canals and inlets. Divers must try to stay within 100 feet of the boat in rivers, canals and inlets.

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